Frequently Asked Questions About Sunrise Heating

Table of Contents

Do I have to order a minimum number of gallons?

Yes. The minimum delivery for fuel oil and kerosene is 100 gallons. The minimum delivery for propane is 1/2 the capacity of your tank(s).

Do I have to call for a delivery?

You do not need to call for a delivery if you are an automatic customer. Automatic customers are refilled based upon historical usage and current temperatures. Will call customers need to call in advance to receive their fuel deliveries. Please check our delivery days for your area.

Do you offer Budget/Pre-Payment plans?

Yes. We offer Budget plans for heating and hot water customers for both Fuel Oils, and Propane. We offer two Pre-Payment plans for our heating customers.

What forms of payments do you offer?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, checks, and Debit cards. We can also set up automatic payments through your Credit/Debit cards, or from your checking account.

What areas do you deliver to?

Check our delivery page for areas. If your not sure if we deliver to your area, please call our office.

Why should I use kerosene in my outside tank?

All fuel oil has a wax in it, and kerosene does not. Fuel oil congeals when the temperature drops low enough so that the wax begins to separate out into small specs. When enough of these specs join together, they can form a clog. We strongly recommend using kerosene in your outside tank year round. If you choose to use fuel oil please understand that it may cause you to have a system shut down. This would cause a no heat call and could damage your unit, or to your home if it freezes. It most cases it is cheaper to use kerosene, than to repair your unit or home.

When should I have my heating unit’s annual service?

The best time to have your heating unit tuned is in the Spring. This allows us to schedule appointments much easier than in the summer and fall when we are busy installing new heating systems. Waiting until fall for your tune-up, may cause us to reschedule your appointment due to emergency calls. It is also better for your unit, due to some units don’t run during the summer and may sit in a damp basement. This causes moisture to react with any residual carbon inside your unit and cause a acid effect, which can severely harm the metals causing premature wear.

I have a seasonal/weekend home, is there anything I can do to protect it from the possibility of freezing up?

There are a few things you can do to prevent this. You need to make sure there is adequate fuel in your tank. Becoming an automatic customer will assure you of this. When you leave to go home, you may want to shut off your well pump, or the service valve off to your home if your home is in the village. If there is a freeze up of your home this will prevent any more water from entering your home that could flood your house completely. The best way to protect your home is with Secureheat. Secureheat is a monitoring system that we offer to protect your home. Secureheat will protect your home from low temperature, low fuel in most cases, and burner lockout. This system monitors your home 24/7/365, all you need is a working phone line. Check our services page or call the office for more information.

I received a letter from you stating that I need to replace may fill/vent piping, and need to install a whistle. Why?

Building codes, fire codes, insurance companies, and company policy all play a role in this. Plastic fill and vent pipes are against code due to the fact that they are flammable, and during a fire they will burn, causing the fuel in the tank to become exposed to flames. The fuel that is in these pipes from the delivery process, will over time weaken the glue used to join pipes. There also has been times where PVC pipes going out a wall has broken off inside the home due to the movement of foundation walls from the frost and caused spills. A vent alarm (whistle) is used by our delivery personnel to signal them when your tank is at the safe fill level. Most tanks are in basements and cannot be seen by the driver. Without a vent alarm, a spill may occur causing damage and costly cleanup to your home; they also allow for proper expansion of the fuel.

I want to discontinue using my current propane supplier. How do I change over to you?

When you call us we will ask you a few question to determine what size tank(s) you will need and what you use the propane for. We will then set up  an installation date. Once we have connected our tanks and tested your lines and system, you can notify your previous supplier that you no longer require their service. There is a small “setup” fee at the time of installation. This fee pays for us to set  the tank(s) and perform a leak test on your system, and to re-light your appliances.

Do you accept HEAP?

Yes. We accept HEAP from, Delaware, Schoharie, and Greene counties.