about usRead about the history of Sunrise Heating Fuels Inc…

During a conversation at dinner time in 1992, two guys had a plan to bring customer service back to the home heating business in Stamford.

Tom Freer & Pat Caiazza decided to couple a fuel delivery business with the existing Sunrise Sales that Tom & Della Freer owned and operated for a number of years. This new business was Sunrise Heating Fuels Inc. Fuel delivery started out with a rented truck, and gallons of  fuel purchased from another dealer. Deliveries were made at night, and on weekends. This quickly turned into a full time venture and a full time driver was hired later on that year.

Later in 1992, a full time position was filled for office personnel. In 1993 two new people were hired. One person for office help and another for driving/service work. A new fuel truck was purchased due to the increase in fuel sales.

In 1994 a full time position was filled to help in the service department.

In 1995 we had outgrown our office and moved to the edge of town to an old farmhouse.

In 1996 we added our own storage tanks to better serve our customers. Prior to this our trucks would run to Schoharie (2 1/2 hours round trip) twice per day to load.

In 1999 we purchased another fuel truck due to the current demand.

In 2000 we had outgrown our office again, and built the now current office. Also in 2000 we started offering propane to our customers. We bought a bobtail delivery vehicle and a truck to set tanks with.

In 2003 we added a 30,000gal. fuel oil storage tank due to the fact our demand was greater than the storage tanks we had.

In 2005 we purchased another fuel truck and a second propane truck. Also in 2005 we added a 30,000 gal Propane storage tank due to increasing demand. Along the way we also added three delivery drivers, another service tech, and additional office personnel.

We are now looking toward the future and are looking at expanding into other areas.